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Rehabilitative Services at Options Residential

Options Residential is an organization that provides rehabilitative services in Burnsville and the surrounding areas so that individuals can obtain the necessary skills to live independently.

Services Available at Options Residential

Our mission is to provide customized living services to our clients. Everyone has different needs and flourishes in different settings, which is why we personalize our care based on each individual.

Customized Living Services

Our Customized Living Services plan offers shared housing, as well as individual supportive apartments. We do this so that we’re not focused on supporting you around the clock, rather supporting you on an as-needed basis, helping build a more independent lifestyle for our clients.

We work alongside other support services to truly personalize your care. We will assist with meal planning, appointment scheduling and assistance, budgeting, and all other Instrumental Activities of Daily Living. We’re going to work hard every day to make sure you have everything you need to live a happy, healthy, fulfilling life.

Housing Stabilization Services

Every adult in Minnesota who is on Medicare and is at risk of homelessness or experiencing some form of housing instability is eligible for <Housing Stabilization Services.This service is comprised of three separate services, depending on the individual needs of the client.

  • Housing Transition Services. Designed for those looking to transition to their future home. We help you determine your budget, find the place you want to live, and apply for additional benefits.
  • Housing Sustaining Services. Helping you build the necessary skills to stay in your home. Such skills include how to be a good tenant and neighbor, finding local resources, and building relationships within the community.
  • Housing Consultation Services. Providing you with supportive information and resources to help you stabilize your housing situation. Whether you need help finding a new home or keeping the one you’re in, Options Residential can help you.

Community Residential Services

We work with our clients and their families by providing residential support services, building long-term treatment plans that lead to increased independence.

With every plan being different, we can mold it to fit the needs of the client. For those who are in need of significant structure and assistance, we are more involved with their care and create a highly supportive environment. For those who need less intensive support, we work alongside them to help build their independence at a reliable pace.

Whether the individual is dealing with addiction, suffered a traumatic brain injury, or struggling with their mental health, Options Residential will guide them toward learning the life skills and optimal care they need to fully experience life.

Child Foster Care Services

Removing a child from its home is never an easy decision to make, and is a damaging experience for the child. Our foster care location is primarily focused on solidifying the family unit and developing a plan that leads to reunification. We tend to the child’s every need and personalize all support services for each child so that we can create some semblance of normalcy in a situation that is anything but normal.

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We believe that individuals get better when they take an active role in their own recovery. By taking a community approach at Options Residential, we have helped successfully transition hundreds of individuals back to a life of independence. Contact us here or give us a call at 952-564-3030 to learn how we can help you get back to being you.

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Successful Transitions

We are very thoughtful with each transition by making sure that the individual has the right resources and is ready for increased independence, so they can continue to be successful.