Housing Stabilization Services

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What is Housing Stabilization Services?

This service is designed to help individuals receive support in a person–centered way to be successful in maintaining the housing of their choice.

Housing Stabilization Services is comprised of three separate services, all of which offer a unique person-centered housing service based on your individual needs: Transition, Sustaining, and Housing Consultation.

Who is Eligible for Housing Stabilization Services?

All Minnesotan adults on Medicare who are experiencing housing instability are eligible to receive Housing Stabilization Services. The eligibility criteria, as defined by the Department of Human Services, is that the person must:

  • Be on Medical Assistance (MA).
  • Be 18 years or older.
  • Have a documented disability or disabling condition.
  • Be experiencing housing instability.

Housing Transition Services:

This service assists individuals transitions to their desired future homes, Transitions services can provide assistance in things such as finding potential housing options, determining a budget, apply for benefits, assist with overcoming potential barriers when looking for housing options. It also can help with the initial transition to their new home.

Housing Sustaining Services:

This service assist individuals learn the skills needed to successfully stay in their own home. Sustaining services can provide training and coaching to individuals on skills such as being a good tenant, being a good neighbor, avoiding scams, finding resources, and building relationships with landlords, neighbors, and the community.

Housing Stabilization Services does NOT provide temporary apartments or Emergency Assistance. Housing Stabilization Services is NOT for persons seeking an immediate medical bed or immediate housing needs. Housing Stabilization Services is NOT crisis placement or for someone seeking rent money, damage deposit money or immediate food support. If you are seeking any of these services, please contact your county for Emergency Assistance.

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Successful Transitions

We are very thoughtful with each transition by making sure that the individual has the right resources and is ready for increased independence, so they can continue to be successful.

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