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24-Hour Emergency Assistance Services

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Rehabilitative Residential Emergency Services

Options Residential, Inc. has been helping people learn how to recover and grow in a healthy environment, and meet their goals since 2005. To provide more people with a supportive program that caters to every individual need, we realized we had to offer emergency services, as well. This kind of rehabilitative support service can be crucial to those facing mental health challenges, have a history of drug or alcohol abuse, or rely on our rehabilitative services for various other reasons.

What We Offer

Options Residential, Inc. offers an individualized approach to 24-hour emergency assistance. This service is provided in a rehabilitative manner which allows individuals to utilize the support that best fits their needs. Services are also offered in several ways.

Service Delivery Options:

  • 24-Hour Phone Response
  • Weekly Scheduled Telephone Check-Ins
  • Weekly Face to Face Meetings
  • Technological Supports

To determine the level of support that will benefit an individual, an assessment with them and their expanded support team will be completed. All services are customizable as personal situations change.

24-hour emergency assistance services are person-centered, to help each individual achieve their goals for recovery and rehabilitation at the core of our mission. Options Residential, Inc. partners with expanded support teams to consistently assess the level of service being provided, and determines if it is still necessary for the individual. Do they still require our services to achieve their goals, or have their needs changed?

24-hour emergency assistance service is offered to individuals who live in Dakota, Hennepin, Scott, Carver, Ramsey, Anoka, Washington and Sherburne Counties.

All Services May Include The Following Supports:

  • Triage and Support for 911 Assistance
  • Trained Staff for Problem Solving & Crisis Intervention
  • Identifying Coping Skills, Triggers, and Forming a Crisis Plan
  • Coordination with Support Team and Other Providers
  • On-Going Assessment to Ensure the Appropriate Level of Support is Being Received

Rehabilitative Residential Services

If you are looking for residential treatment services with 24-hour emergency assistance, contact Options Residential, Inc. today and learn more about our program.

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Successful Transitions

We are very thoughtful with each transition by making sure that the individual has the right resources and is ready for increased independence, so they can continue to be successful.