Supportive Apartment Settings

Options Residential, Inc. discovered that as a part of our rehabilitative process that there were limited opportunities for individuals to actually transition our of Adult and Family Foster Care settings. As a result, we created a supportive apartment setting in Burnsville where individuals could live in a single occupancy apartment and receive ILS services and 24-hour emergency supports. Options Residential has additional supportive apartments in West St. Paul.

One main outcome that is sought with ILS (Independent Living Skills) is the ability to increase the person’s independence by teaching skills so tasks and activities may be performed with decreased dependence on caregivers. We see this as an opportunity to refine or master skills that have already been learned. Generally, individuals within this program are focusing on how to transition into more independent living situations using community based resources and services.

These programs are very customizable to meet the needs of individuals who live there. All of our apartments are single occupancy apartments. The individuals living here may be eligible to receive GRH (Group Residential Housing) or MSA (Minnesota Supplemental Assistance) funding to help with rent costs. The services provided in our supportive apartment setting can include:

  • Customized Living
    • Support staffing is available for individualized attention dependent upon assessed need
    • Individuals who reside in a supportive apartment using customized living will:
      • Consultation with a Registered Nurse
      • Support with medications
        • Medication administration
        • Medication assistance
        • Medication reminders
      • Support with basic IADLS; including coordination of appointments with community providers
      • Overnight support is present on site
      • Adjustable staffing based on individual support plan
      • Support with mental health symptom management
  • Independent Living Skills
    • Service is provided as scheduled appointments with practitioners during the work week
    • This is Option Residential Inc.’s most independent level of support
    • ILS training is direct training between our practitioners with the individual receiving services with identified skill development areas of:
      • Communication skills
      • Community living and mobility
      • Interpersonal skills
      • Reduction/elimination of challenging behavior
      • Self-care skills – including an understanding of medications and resources
      • Sensory/motor development involved in acquiring functional skills
      • Organizational skills
      • Problem solving skills
      • Social skills
      • Transportation skills
    • 24 hour emergency supports
      • We provide support for individuals in our programs for emergencies when they need it. This can be via telephone or in-person as the situation warrants it.

Referral Form

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Successful Transitions

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We are very thoughtful with each transition by making sure that the individual has the right resources and is ready for increased independence, so they can continue to be successful.