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Child Foster Care Services Available

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Rehabilitative Residential Services & Foster Care

Foster care is a program that temporarily removes children from high-risk situations. An organization, or sometimes state-approved private home, is charged with taking care of the children until they can be reunited with a parent or legal guardian. This is usually done to keep the child safe and provide a stable environment.

In addition to foster parents, there are places like Options Residential, Inc. where children can be fostered through our unique program.

Our child foster care location is truly one of a kind. Initially, it was created for high behavioral youth. However, the program has slowly evolved into one that focuses on solidifying the family unit and helping to support pathways to reunification whenever possible. We strive to create normalcy for kids in this environment and provide personalized support services.

How We Help

Our rehabilitative residential program is designed for adults who need help achieving their goals, learning how to live independent lives, and becoming active members of the community. In doing this, we have acquired years of experience working with various personalities and people with different disabilities, mental illnesses, and other conditions. Our knowledge and experience make Options Residential, Inc. a special location for children in foster care.

We use our compassion and educating abilities to help children adjust and achieve their personal goals every day they are in the foster program. Our staff knows precisely how to deal one on one with mental health concerns, addiction, and life events that may have caused trauma at one point in a child’s life.

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At Options Residential, Inc. the children in our foster family come first. We treat them with respect and compassion, helping them navigate the intricate twists and turns they will encounter throughout their lives.

Availability is limited at our location. Please contact us with any questions regarding our foster care program.

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Successful Transitions

We are very thoughtful with each transition by making sure that the individual has the right resources and is ready for increased independence, so they can continue to be successful.