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Our Supportive Apartment-Style Settings

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At Options Residential, Inc. we aim to help individuals in need regain their independence in a residential treatment environment. This means we strive to provide adequate support to individuals who require high levels of assistance, as well as those who only require minimal aid, in a supportive home setting.

Rehabilitative residential services can be helpful to those who have suffered and are recovering from addiction, brain injury, trauma, and those living with mental illness. Physical health and mental health are connected, and whether an individual will benefit from intensive support or short-term check-ins, Options Residential, Inc. can be a valuable resource.

Apartment-Style Residential Rehab Assistance

Options Residential, Inc. discovered that there were limited opportunities for individuals who were ready to transition out of Adult and Family Foster Care settings. As a result, we created a supportive apartment setting in Burnsville, MN. This location is a place for individuals who can live in a single-occupancy apartment and receive various levels of support through a customizable model.

This design also allows us to incorporate different services and supports from other providers, as needed. Options Residential, Inc. has also expanded this service to several different cities to provide individuals with more community options and resources.

Most of our apartments are single occupancy apartments, though we do have two double occupancy apartments where families can be supported. Many units can qualify for Housing Support, formerly known as Group Residential Housing. Individuals who live in these units may be eligible to receive MSA (Minnesota Supplemental Assistance) funding to help with rent costs, or potentially obtain other supports.

Whether someone is recovering from a brain injury, drug or alcohol abuse, or another life experience that has left them needing assistance and support, Options Residential, Inc. has a variety of services available. Our apartment-style residential program is ideal for individuals who are seeking aid but still maintain a substantial amount of personal independence.

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Since 2005 it has been our mission to design different levels of support to accommodate the individual, rather than individuals having to accommodate for the level of housing or support that they enter. Contact Options Residential, Inc. today if you are seeking an apartment-style independent living situation with reliable resources and living assistance.

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Successful Transitions

We are very thoughtful with each transition by making sure that the individual has the right resources and is ready for increased independence, so they can continue to be successful.