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Why Create A Safety Plan For A Mental Health Crisis?

Life is not perfect, and we should not expect it to be. There will always be a mixture of peaks, valleys, and plateaus that define our journey through it, which can be tough to realize when you’re experiencing a mental health crisis.

Creating a safety plan for a mental health crisis, especially when you currently or have previously suffered from a substance abuse disorder, can help you stick to sobriety and prevent a relapse.

The professionals within Options Residential will break down what a safety plan is as well as its many benefits for those who have ever struggled with long term Mental Health complications.

Create A Safety Plan For A Mental Health Crisis

What Is A Crisis Plan In Mental Health Circumstances?

A safety plan for a mental health crisis is a personalized, written plan that outlines steps an individual can take to keep themselves safe. Typically, this plan will be constructed by the affected individual, medical professionals that work with them, and close friends or family members that can also assist in the event of a crisis. Here is why typically included in these plans:

  • A list of warning signs or triggers that may indicate a crisis is imminent
  • Coping strategies to help manage the crisis
  • Emergency contact information for personal support systems and healthcare providers
  • A plan for how to stay safe during and after the crisis

Major mental health crises can lead to relapse if no plan is in place to help the individual who is struggling. This should be a key component during treatment or recovery, so this person can stick to sobriety.

Benefits Of A Safety Plan

In addition to knowing what triggers exist as well as strategies to cope with a crisis, there are several other benefits of a safety plan. These include

  • A sense of control and empowerment during a crisis. This can be particularly important for individuals who may feel helpless or out of control during periods of substance abuse.
  • A reminder of the progress you have made in your recovery and the skills you have developed to manage mental health crises.
  • A sense of stability and responsibility over your physical and emotional well-being.
  • Improved relationships with family, friends, and coworkers who are there for you in times of crisis.

Overall, a safety plan can be a crucial tool for individuals struggling with substance abuse. If you or a loved one is looking for a customized living situation after a brain injury or long term mental health issues, look no further than Options Residential. We offer niche living situations that can help individuals build long-term plans, a sense of community, and develop crucial life skills needed to stay sober.

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